Rochester Visionary Square Responds to Tom Golisano’s Generous Gift to Rochester Broadway Theater League and its Impact on Parcel 5 Decision


Rochester, NY (March 16, 2017) -- Parcel 5 is the heart of Greater Rochester. The choice of how to use it for ALL CITIZENS in a way that has positive social and economic impact sends a huge message about how Greater Rochester looks at its future.

We agree with City Government that job creation is of utmost important. Job creation comes from new ideas and starting new companies. It comes from attracting new talent. The Marketplace component of the Rochester Visionary Square will absolutely create and support new jobs by serving as a launchpad and test ground for small businesses. That’s what’s currently happening with the Sibley building. And it happens over and over again at the Rochester Public Market. This is a highly viable growth model.

We agree strongly with the City’s RFP, which clearly requires that no government money on any level can be used for the Parcel 5 project. The Rochester Visionary Square proposal was specifically designed to meet this requirement. The proposal from the Broadway League does not, and there are also questions if other proposals are seeking government money. Run by a non-profit organization, our proposal counts on the contributions of citizens and smart economic management to create and run Rochester Visionary Square.

Study after study shows that well-used green space dramatically enhances not only quality of living but economic stability and growth. Other cities get it. Why not Rochester? Simply, downtown Rochester has an abundance of space to put in a new theater. What it does not have is another place in the heart of the city to create a unique community asset that could be at the heart of our future.


Rochester Visionary Square Official Proposal:



Kathy Palokoff